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Philadelphia Shows Riots Are The New Normal—And Could Force Out A President Biden

Philadelphia was under curfew last night and Danielle Outlaw, the black lady polRead more

Epstein and the billionaires

Read more

Leftists Worry The New Supreme Court Justice Will Deliver America First Rulings

Previously: Will Amy Coney Barrett Vote For The Historic American Nation—Or WorrRead more

Incredulous Election Outcome: Many Americans Won't Believe The Results Of The Election

We won’t ever know what the actual votes were, only what those who count the votRead more

Ann Coulter: "Ask Not What Your Country Is": The Biden Inaugural Address

I’m not at liberty to reveal my sources, but I have obtained a draft of PresidenRead more

One to Watch: Karen Handel vs. Rep. McBath in Georgia's Sixth

This has been a bad year for Congressional immigration patriots, largely due toRead more

Radio Derb Transcript Up For October 23: Trump Drops The Ball, Fourth Industrial Revolution, SF's CAREN Law, And Defund NPR! Etc.

The Radio Derb transcript is up for October 23. Go here to read or listen. PlaylRead more

Peter Brimelow: Trump Up By One Point—But He Doesn't Have The Massive White Share He Could Have

A brief Twitter thread, screenshotted to protect it from Twitter deletion. ClickRead more

Manchester Muslim Mass Murder NOT Prevented: At Least the Security Guard Wasn't A Karen!

Earlier by John Derbyshire: As A Brit, I Say Don’t Let The Manchester Massacre HRead more

Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner's Gun Violence Counselor Shoots Male Prostitute

A reader writes: An employee of Philadelphia’s DA office, led by DA Larry KrasneRead more

Half-Blood Royalty: Steve Sailer On Barack Obama, Kamala Harris And The Post-American Elite

The lives of President Barack Obama and Vice-Presidential nominee Kamala HarrisRead more

Michelle Malkin: The Mob Is Being Mobilized To Steal The Election From Trump

Earlier, 2017: "It Will Come To Blood"—Reflections On The Left's Anti-Trump InauRead more

Notes On The Trans-Antifa Connection: They're Selling Baseball Bats, Axes, And Sledgehammers In Trans Colors

Earlier by Steve Sailer: What Percentage of AntiFa Are Trans? Steve Sailer has oRead more

Peter Brimelow On Trump And The Sailer Strategy: Trump Has Plenty Of Room To Grow His White Share

A brief Twitter thread, screenshotted to protect it from Twitter deletion.   [..Read more’s Peter Brimelow Reports On Our First Amendment Law Suit Against CO Springs Mayor John Suthers (Who Now Has BLM/ Antifa Problems—Serve Him Right!)

I wrote recently that, since we filed our libel suit against the New York TimesRead more

Patrick J. Buchanan: A Biden Family Special Prosecutor in 2021?

Earlier, by Patrick J. Buchanan: Will 'Ukraine-Gate' Imperil Biden's Bid? and byRead more

A West Texas Reader Says Trump Has Been Achieving Immigration Victories; The Numbers Say So!

Re: Ed Rubenstein's NATIONAL DATA: Powerful Jobs Rebound—And Immigrant WorkforceRead more

Nate Silver's 538 Attacks NHL For Being "Too White"...Unlike The "Diverse " NBA (19% White) And NFL (27% White)

The war on all professions/vocations/avocations that are deemed “too white” is nRead more

Feds: In 2018, Blacks Violently Victimized Asians 275+ Times as Often As Asians Violently Victimized Blacks

As well as collecting crime statistics from local law enforcement agencies, theRead more

The Bangladeshi-Neanderthal Connection—Yet More Evidence Of A Genetic Factor In Covid-19

Covid-19 played a major role in last Thursday’s Presidential debate and is beingRead more

In North Carolina And Ohio, Trump Speaks On The War On Christmas: He's On The Side Of The Angels

In the Lumberton Rally I mentioned earlier, President Trump said And remember whRead more

Trump On Immigration In Lumberton, NC: Biden Would Trigger "Tsunami " Of Illegal Immigration, "Walls Are Not Obsolete"

From, here's what Trump was saying in Lumberton: If Joe and Kamala areRead more

Head-Chopping for Muhammad: How Trotskyism and Truth Don’t Mix

A teacher is beheaded in France for showing his pupils some satirical cartoons oRead more

John Derbyshire: Give Us Liberty Or Give Us Artificial Intelligence Victory Over China? I Choose Liberty

Earlier (2011): John Derbyshire On Understanding China And The Chinese[ExcerptedRead more

Suggestion For The British Government: House Illegal Immigrants In Prison Hulks

Here's suggestion, offered in a constructive spirit, to the British government.Read more

TIME Magazine Wants Your Dog To Die Because Veterinarians Are "Too White"

See also The Racial Reckoning Comes for the Veterinarians The war on all professRead more

The Triumph Of Ibram X. Kendi's Logic: The Kids MUST Be Equal, So The Tests Are At Fault

Earlier: Jack Dorsey's $10 Mil Donation/Payoff to Ibram X. Kendi Sets New RecordRead more

WASHINGTON POST: In Case a Jury Decides George Floyd Died of Drugs and Bad Health, Well, Blacks Ruining Their Health with Drugs Is the Fault of White Supremacy Too

Earlier: In 2019, George Floyd Swallowed His Drugs Upon Arrest From the WashingtRead more

KIPP Schools Junk Their Famous "Work Hard, Be Nice" Slogan As Not Anti-Racist

A rare success story from the once fashionable era of billionaire-funded EducatiRead more

ANOTHER Puerto Rico Statehood Referendum On The Ballot For November 3rd—"Sixth Time’s a Charm?"

Earlier, 2019: Bipartisan, Meaning "Stupid AND Evil," Puerto Rico Statehood BillRead more

Trump Drops The Ball, Fourth Industrial Revolution, SF's CAREN Law, And Defund NPR! Etc.

03m12s  Trump drops the ball.  (Uphill battle; poor mountaineering skills.) 11m0Read more

INDEPENDENT: Sacha Baron Cohen Survived 'Cancel Culture' By Evolving Instead Of Moaning (I.E He REALLY Loves Big Brother)

From The Independent in the UK, a good example of my long-running theme about hoRead more

John Derbyshire: The Moral Case For Trump—He Made His Money In Business, Biden Made His In Politics

[Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through VDARE.cRead more

Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin's Cleavage: The Evolutionary Psychology Angle

Earlier: New Contender For Hottest Female National Leader So Far This Century? LRead more

New Opportunity! Participate In VDARE's Podcast With Steve Sailer!

See earlier: Steve Sailer: Send in Questions for My Book Club Podcast. Despite tRead more

Her Name Is Christine Summers: 53-year-old White Woman Murdered By Black Male Who Said Trump Made Him "Kill A White Lady"

During the Summer of George Floyd rage, we’ve seen multiple anti-white attacks bRead more

Patrick J. Buchanan: America Now A Land Of Ceaseless Conflict

When Amy Coney Barrett was nominated to a judgeship on the U.S. Court of AppealsRead more

Stupid Party Hacks Try To Dump Trump, Again. They Will Regret It, AGAIN

Earlier, by Peter Brimelow, 2015: GOP Should "Thank Heaven Fasting" For Trump BuRead more

A Gay Reader Says Chadwick Moore's Video Says Sensible Things About Immigration, Etc.

From: A Gay Reader [Email him] "Bait and switch" should be the sloganRead more

The CAREN Law: San Francisco To Vote On Punishing Citizens For Calling Police On Blacks

Earlier: Just Make It Illegal To Call The Cops On Blacks: Michigan's Gretchen WhRead more

USAF Recruiting Service Commander Declares Reducing The Number of White Male Pilots A "War-Fighting Imperative"

Previously by Paul Kersey: The United States Air Force “Worries About the Lack oRead more

Australia Continues to CRUSH Its Former Problem With Racial Gaps

Earlier: Meanwhile, in Australia, The Aborigines Are Looking Very Pale and How tRead more

Why Are There So Many L.A. Dodger Fans in Dallas-Fort Worth?

From the Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Los Angeles Dodgers World Series shirts sellRead more

The Great Reset Comes For The One Good Public High School In SF

Ultra-wealthy, ultra-liberal San Francisco has strikingly bad public schools. IRead more

China's Approach To Diversity A Photographic Negative Of Ours

A very brief excerpt from a Radio Derb item on ChiComs crushing expressions of MRead more

Radio Derb Transcript Up For October 16: Amy Keeps A Straight Face, Olberman Lets Loose, And Court-Packing Looms, Etc.

The Radio Derb transcript is up for October 16. Go here to read or listen. PlaylRead more

Ann Coulter: Trump NEEDS To Talk Immigration, It's What Won For Him Last Time!

Earlier: Ann Coulter On Trump's Victories—Including The Muslim Ban!In 2015, DonaRead more

Trump In Erie, PA: "How The Hell Do You Have A Country If You Don't Have Borders?"

From the Trump rally in Erie, PA: Under my leadership, we achieved the most secuRead more

Hey, BLM—Why Didn’t Robert E. Lee’s Black Teamsters Desert After Gettysburg?

Earlier by Mike Scruggs: Happy 200th Birthday, Robert E. Lee!If you Google “BlacRead more

Halloween Stream 2020 With Authors Of THE SACRED FURY! [See Review By John Derbyshire]

The Book Club presents... Halloween Stream 2020 with Dr. Barton CockeyRead more

Michelle Malkin: Critical Race Theory And The Disunited States Of Oppression

Earlier: Trump Bans Federal Diversity Training on White PrivilegeIs there any clRead more

Black Durham (NC) Sheriff Admits Violent Crime In His City Is Almost Always Black-on-Black

Earlier: With Black Gun Violence Surging, Black Leaders in NYC Call for RestoratRead more

Decapitation Inspires France To Expel Hundreds Of Muslim Activists And Radicals

From the New York Times: After Teacher’s Decapitation, France Unleashes a BroadRead more

Liberals: Informed By Their Ignorance ... And Adamant About It

In a conversation a month ago with a female relative, I first heard the claim thRead more

Wait A Minute ... When The NEW YORKER Wargames The Election, Trump Is Played By ... Masha Gessen??

From Vice’s Motherboard section: New Yorker Suspends Jeffrey Toobin for MasturbaRead more

A Fair French-Language Survey Of American White Identitarianism! (But When Will It Appear In English?)

A new French-language book on European and American nationalism has been makingRead more

Former Biden Advisor Anna Makanju Is Ukrainian, Nigerian, AND Jewish: What Kind Of "Collusion" Is She Committing On Facebook?

Earlier by Ann Coulter on Immigrant Col. Vindman: He's A One-Man Ukrainian LobbyRead more

An Australian Reader Says "Hey, Woke Teacher, Leave Those Kids Alone!"

From: Phil Shannon [Email him] The cultural diversity inspectors have run theirRead more

NYT Columnists: Our Journalists Have Sacrificed Their Mental Health

Max Fisher, whom the New York Times assigns to write  its Big Think “InterpreterRead more

Police Commissioner Cressida Dick In July: Blacks In London EIGHT TIMES More Likely To Be Murder Perpetrators

Earlier, by John Derbyshire: Dame Cressida Goes To Parliament. From The GuardianRead more

Will Amy Coney Barrett Vote For The Historic American Nation—Or Worry About Making Her Adopted Haitian Kids Cry?

Amy Coney Barrett will almost certainly replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the U.S.Read more

Supermarket Sweep, The Looting Game Show, Is Back, Starring Leslie Jones!

Looting is back: So is Supermarket Sweep: I’ve always found Leslie Jones funny,Read more

The Question Amy Barrett Wasn't Asked: "Do You Believe In Disparate Impact?"

Earlier by John Derbyshire: “Disparate Impact”—Key Lie In Our Ruling Class IdeolRead more

This Coming Leftist Coup Could Backfire—Like 1991 In Soviet Union

The Soviet State Committee on the State of Emergency, August, 1991Our country seRead more

The Intersectional Totem Pole Of Pokemon Points Is Finally Documented

For years, we’ve been wondering if any authorities will ever officially documentRead more

Foreign Election Interference—Daily Mail: Former UK Liberal Democrat Supremo Nick Clegg Censored Biden Scoop At Facebook

Nick Clegg was leader of the UK third party center-left Liberal Democrats from 2Read more

San Francisco School Board Has A Plan To Exorcise The Badness Out Of Its Schools

Despite its vast wealth, San Francisco has notoriously awful public schools withRead more

John Derbyshire: “Hate Has No Home Here” = “Prosecuted And Convicted And Removed From Our Society,” Thanks For Telling Us, Keith Olbermann!

Excerpted from the latest Radio Derb, now available exclusively through VDARE.coRead more

A Reader Says NATIONAL REVIEW Is STILL Trying To Tone-Police "Anti-Immigrant" Republicans—Including Lauren Witzke

Re: Interviews GOP Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke On Her Call For An IRead more

Biden: Instead Of Anybody Coming At You And The First Thing You Do Is Shoot to Kill, You Shoot Them In The Leg

Earlier (June 2) : Biden Suggests Cops Shoot "Unarmed" Persons Coming At Them WiRead more

Hoping For A Biden Amnesty: Border Apprehension Numbers Up As Election Day Draws Nearer

Earlier: Border Apprehensions Up, But Small Surge Is NOTHING To Massive Rush ThaRead more

Biden: There Must Be No Discrimination Against 8-Years-Olds Who Decide They Are Transgender

From Joe Biden’s town hall: STEPHANOPOULOS: I want to get one more question thisRead more

Peter Brimelow And AMERICAN GREATNESS On FBI Entrapment (Remember The Hutaree Militia?)

Peter Brimelow Tweeted this link to the Gatestone Institute's The FBI, Militias,Read more

Amy Keeps A Straight Face, Olberman Lets Loose, And Court-Packing Looms, Etc.

00m55s  Judge Barrett keeps a straight face.  (But where is she on Disparate ImpRead more